Most organisations have spent the past decade implementing business intelligence systems to add trust to structured data in order to drive better business decisions. However, most data in your organisation remain unstructured, and people continue making gut-feel decisions every day using this unstructured data. The next stage of fact-based decision-making will be to add trust and visualization to unstructured data – giving it context and relevance within the decision making process. Messaging Intelligence does just that!

By making your traditional unstructured messaging data, into a trusted, contextual and visual insight gives the data usability, relevance and reliability – so you and your business can make better decisions from this data.

Our featured speaker, Tim Sheedy wrote a January 2014 blog post titled "How Do You Make Sense of Your Unstructured Data", that offers some insight to the topic. You can read the post here.

This webinar will discuss how businesses can take their fact-based decision making to the next level through:

  • Decoding why and how trusted unstructured data can add value to your business
  • Explaining scenarios where messaging intelligence can improve business decisions
  • Helping you understand how you can add trust and context to your unstructured messaging data


Date: Tuesday, 25 February, 2014

Time: 2pm Sydney / 4pm Auckland / 11am Singapore

LIVE TrustSphere Webinar feat. Forrester Research, Inc.: 

Beyond BI - Adding Trust, Context and Relevance to Unstructured Data

Tim Sheedy - Senior Analyst Serving CIOs, Forrester Research, Inc.
Tim's research focuses on the key IT challenges for CIOs and IT departments in Asia Pacific, as well as providing insights into technologies that will deliver significant business value over the next few years.
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Manish Goel - Founder & CEO, TrustSphere
Manish specializes in working with enterprise customers to leverage their software and data analytics investments. Manish is the current Vice – Chairman of the Online Trust Alliance Board of Directors. 
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Featured Speakers

Read Tim Sheedy's latest blog post - How Do You Make Sense of Your Unstructured Data