Bersin by Deloitte examines how a global enterprise software provider Ramco Systems leverages TrustSphere’s Organizational Network Analysis to improve Sales Effectiveness and measure Employee Engagement.

With a team of 1,600 staff spread across the globe, company leaders were struggling with having employees share information, interact with each other as well as strengthen individual relationships with customers and prospects.

Learn how an empirical analysis of communication patterns across the organization helped surface insights to drive innovation and growth by creating a more transparent and collaborative workforce, promoting open communication and increasing sales productivity.

This case study highlights how Ramco used TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics platform to:

  • Leverage existing communication data to create a high-performing workplace
  • Map value-creating networks to improve sales performance and customer satisfaction
  • Increase the onboarding effectiveness for new hires – reduce "time to introduce" from 3 months to just a week
  • Introduce data-driven employee performance metrics and reviews
  • Identify network patterns to reduce attrition
  • Use network analysis to measure employee engagement